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Dental Laser, Goodbye to Drills!

And how does dental laser work? The laser we use combines air, water, and safe laser energy for human tissue without generating noise. In fact, our teeth and gums are partially made of water, so when the laser makes contact, it excites the water molecules and allows it to cut through the tissue.

The laser's wave frequency is adjusted for each type of tissue, and since the same laser has a built-in water ejection system, the tissue remains hydrated, preventing the generation of heat and providing a painless and healthy experience. Goodbye to the drill in many treatments!

We not only eliminate pain but also reduce the time of your dental appointment. Many of us who use dental floss, brush regularly, and take special care of our teeth occasionally experience cavities. However, with time wasted in traffic jams and daily commitments, it's not possible to schedule multiple dental appointments for our treatments.

Well, with just one appointment and in a short amount of time, we can help you with dental repairs, cavity fillings, and cavity removal. Even aesthetic treatments like gum contouring and bracket cleaning are done in record time.

The safe use of dental laser makes it indispensable in our offices. The precision of a drill is low; its use removes large amounts of tooth, and constant friction can cause pain and small fractures that can jeopardize the tooth. On the other hand, the laser removes the necessary amount of tooth or bone very precisely during surgery without damaging, generating heat, or affecting the rest of the tooth. Thanks to its high precision, you will rarely need anesthesia.

A painless experience, minimal inflammation, no loud noises with cutting-edge technology, and good care... Isn't this the definition of the best dental visit? When is your next appointment?

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