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Interview Andrés Parra

How's your life going? What are you doing right now?

Well, very happy, it's been two years since we came out of a very famous reality show here in Colombia. I have the wonderful opportunity and fortune to continue working with Fanny Lu, who is the person right here and behind my entire project. We are thrilled because we released our first album about three months ago, called 'Historias Prestadas' (Borrowed Stories), from which we already have two singles on the radio. We're about to release the third one, and there's a lot of work ahead, planning many tours we want to do. For example, we're planning a tour across Colombia, visiting every place we can.

We have a tour in Peru, and we also have plans for Latin America at the moment. We're going to start projecting the album internationally by touring in the United States. I'm very happy about writing and working for other singers, composing for other artists, and producing for many artists here, both Colombians and from abroad. We're very happy about all of this.

Andrés Parra

Andrés Parra

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, I hope to see myself in 5 years, perhaps not with all my dreams realized, as I have many, but at least with the majority of the things we hope for and always wanted to have. For example, in 5 years, I hope to have a certain number of albums and songs that people can easily recognize so that we can have our... as they say, our show, more than two hours of singing with the people, sharing moments. I see myself with my family, perhaps having children, maybe a home, and well, maybe also hoping that my career as a producer unfolds a bit more, starting to produce other artists, helping talented people. So, in those 5 years, those little things have to happen, and I know that God will place them in the best way.

Well, two things. First, you just mentioned that in 5 years, you see yourself with children, and you had a highly publicized love life. How is your heart doing?

Super, super, I'm single but very focused on work. Despite everything, I want to establish stability in my professional and family life first, and my heart has taken a bit of a backseat in many respects because in this business and in music itself, you have to be very focused, and you can't derail too quickly. But I'm very happy, content, and also very calm, looking for space for myself, looking for time for myself, maybe pampering myself here and there. So, I'm super calm, and we hope that God will bring the ideal woman into my life.

And what does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality, for me... I believe that one has to see... I'm a strong believer in God and many things, but one has to see God as if He were with you every day, like your father, your mother, your sister, and talk to Him, communicate with Him, share things with Him. Because I believe that everything I have today and everything that I, Andrés Parra, am and have achieved has been through God's blessing and everything He has chosen to give me because He believes I'm ready in every aspect. I also think that spirituality is something that needs to mature, something you need to work on so that it grows, because it reflects on you. What you are in essence as a person is reflected outward, and people notice it and feel it, especially. So, spirituality is like a seal for me.

Well, finally, you have a large following on social media. What message do you have for all these young people who might be thinking about a new opportunity, a fresh start for themselves?

I believe it's important for them to understand that love is the most important thing from the very beginning of all things. It's what forms a home, a friendship; love and affection are what lead you to meet important people in your life. Love is God, for example, primarily. It's beautiful that they get closer to God, get to know His love, His affection, and as a result, they will see the other things they hope for in their lives.


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