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The cheap ends up being expensive

Dental implants are one of the most sought-after treatments by patients today. They are made from the latest technology materials, and their cost is high.


If you are offered a dental implant treatment at a price you consider very economical, be wary. It is highly likely that the materials used in your treatment are of poor quality. Keep in mind that quality dental implants, placed by a qualified professional, can last up to 15 years. Implants are nothing more than an example of the importance of the quality of materials used to treat your mouth.

Recommendations for choosing wisely

  1. Before getting a dental implant, ask your dentist to clearly explain the treatment, the steps involved, and the cost.

  2. Insist that a specialist personally handles the dental prosthetics in your mouth.

  3. Be wary of very cheap treatments, as they may hide poor quality or even health risks.

  4. Excessively low prices may indicate that inadequate materials are being used.

  5. Don't believe in treatments guaranteed for life, not even your own teeth come with that guarantee. Osseointegrated implants made with appropriate materials and by a qualified dentist have a high degree of reliability.

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