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Imagen de presentación para servicio de Diseño de Sonrisa en Dr. Alex Llanos
We search natural harmony between the shape of your face and your smile

Smile design

Smile design

Imagen de presentación para servicio de Diseño de Sonrisa en Dr. Alex Llanos

We are not looking for a “seemingly perfect” result; our priority is to be able to naturally achieve harmony between your smile and the shape of your face. That is why we carefully analyze the shape, color, condition, position and size of each tooth, as well as the condition of the gums.


With the technological support of software, clinical photographs and other digital resources, our team of specialists will be in charge of making true the dream of achieving your best smile.

If you consider the option of getting a smile design, don't trust your mouth to just anyone. Before deciding, it´s important that you consult a qualified professional who can evaluate your case and offer you the best alternatives. At Dr. Alex Llanos, our team of experts will provide you personalized and friendly attention, and will explain the benefits and risks of each option.


Here we share with you some cases that justify a smile design.​


  • Crooked or misaligned teeth.

  • Stained or yellowed teet

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth.

  • Stained or yellowed teeth.

  • Gums that show too much when you smile.

  • Broken or chipped teeth.

  • Very small or disproportionate teeth.

  • Crowns that need to be changed.

In which cases I shouldn´t get a Smile Design?


After an evaluation, we will give you specific and relevant details about what could be done to improve your teeth. However, if you present any of the following situations, may be isn´t the right time to do a Smile Design:


  • If you have abnormal occlusions (bite), parafunctions such as bruxism.

  • If you have any bad habits (nail biting - using your teeth to uncover things).

  • If you have just finished orthodontic treatment.

  • If you suffer from periodontal (gum) diseases.

  • If you suffer cigarette dependence.

X-rays, diagnostic models, intra- and extraoral photographs are the pillars to obtain the most convenient diagnosis.


Using digital planning, the stages of treatment are recreated, looking at possible prognoses in advance. With the impression, we will to bring to life what was previously seen to achieve exact facial harmonization, the balance between gums, teeth and lips.

There are a variety of materials for dental veneers, they can be resin, porcelain, zirconium or feldspar. The most convenient one must be chosen depending on the requirement.

How can you keep your Smile Design in excellent condition?

  • Avoid eating foods with high pigmentation, as well as extremely hard foods, chewing ice or bones; fractures must be avoided.

  • Avoid hot or cold dark drinks.

  • Avoid the consumption of liquor and cigarettes.

  • Clean your teeth 3 times a day, with dental floss, toothbrush and mouthwash.

  • Use a protective guard when you sleep or practice any sport that requires it.

  • And lastly but not the least important, visit your dentist every 6 months to clean and check your gums.


The smile must be cared for, it beautifies the soul and the body!

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