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Presentación servicio de Implantes Dentales en Dr. Alex Llanos
We develop your dental pieces like true works of art.

Dental implants

Dental implants

Presentación servicio de Implantes Dentales en Dr. Alex Llanos

Tooth loss is a real fact that could affect your oral health. It is more common than you think, but over time and added to neglect it could bring negative effects, not only on your face but also on your general health.

As a solution to this absence there is the dental implant, an advanced surgical procedure in the hands of the best specialized team ready to study, plan and design your case with less aggressive techniques and biocompatible materials. The success in the result is the greatest investment in health for your mouth.

A dental implant is used to replace the loss of one or more teeth, due to periodontal diseases, poor oral hygiene or incorrect treatments.

This element is composed of biocompatible synthetic material (adhesion to the human organism), made of high quality titanium; it is applied surgically on the mandibular bone to serve as the base of the prosthesis or the “new tooth”, developing an osseointegration to achieve the desired affinity.

Dental implants have different diameter, length and characteristics on the surface of the material, which are adapted according to the needs, the type of bone and the particular biological conditions of the patient.

Its usefulness can be for life, and with a complete evaluation and prior planning, isolated cases of rejection or specific problems can be avoided.

Phases of a dental implant treatment​

In this stage, a personalized inquiry is carried out, accompanied by tests and analysis (tomographies - radiographs) that allow to know if the person is or not suitable for this type of procedure.

Implant Placement

Under the surgical modality with planning, the implant is placed on the bone and the osteointegration process (3 to 6 months) is allowed in an adequate way. There will still be a “hole” in that place, which will be covered with temporary dentures to generate a pleasant appearance while the body adapts to be able to move on to the next phase.


As a last step, the prosthesis that will be cemented or screwed to the implant is made. Through impression taking, specific measurements and laboratory work, an aesthetic - functional appearance is given to the denture, finally obtaining the result expected by the patient.

Dental implants are an alternative to leave behind methods such as bridges or other prostheses that may affect adjacent teeth, lead them to wear, carve them or modify them negatively. With this type of treatment, the surrounding teeth will NOT suffer any deterioration.

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