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Live the experience

of modern dentistry

through an Online Advisory

Professional advice will provide the peace of mind you need in that important investment, which is your own smile.


We want you to be as satisfied as they are

Gracias a Dr. A® entendí que la sonrisa de una persona es su mejor inversión

Maía - Cantante


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You deserve to live the experience in service of excellence


  • Which are the advantages of AOL?
    You get priority and exclusive attention. You´ll be directly advised by dental experts. You´ll enjoy the convenience of being able to connect from anywhere you are using a digital device. You´ll have absolute privacy and discretion. All data is subject to the policies of Dr. Alex Llanos | Dental Aesthetic Unit.
  • What will we talk about in the AOL?
    We will talk about the reason for your consultation. We will inquire about general aspects of your health. We will explain the results of the pre-assessment of your case, based on the information you have provided us. We will offer you treatment alternatives. We will resolve your concerns or questions.
  • What aspects should I consider?
    Your Online Advisory (AOL) must take place within a maximum of (30) thirty days after confirming your payment. The cost of the Online Advisory (AOL) is USD $62 and does not include the first in-person assessment appointment. Once the payment is made, there is no refund available. However, you can reschedule the appointment within the mentioned 30-day period. The Online Advisory is for only one (1) person and has a duration of 45 minutes. As a virtual consultation, it does not constitute the opening of a Dental Medical Record at Dr. Alex Llanos | Dental Aesthetic Unit.

What you have to do to take an
ine Advisory (AOL)


Fill out your information and we will send to your email the instructions to properly prepare your Advisory On Line (AOL)

Thank you, we have sent the instructions. Remember to check your spam folder



Confirm your

Advisory On Line (AOL)

paying USD$63.

You will be redirected to a secure payment platform.



Complete the application form and upload your images
(Request instructions in the first step).
We will carefully review the information and contact you to confirm the details.



We will send you the link to attend your Advisory On Line (AOL) on the scheduled date.

And if you find yourself outside Bogotá or Colombia, you will be our Viajero VIP during your treatment


Dental Tourism

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to transform your dental treatment into the best investment, an unforgettable experience in a country full of possibilities.

Up to 73% less
in the cost
of treatments

compared to costs in
other countries like the USA

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