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Presentación servivio de ortodoncia en Dr. Alex Llanos
We align your self-esteem with the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth



Presentación servivio de ortodoncia en Dr. Alex Llanos

The orthodontic treatments we perform at Dr. Alex Llanos | Dental Aesthetics Unit increases self-esteem by improving your facial aesthetics and the functionality of your mouth and teeth.

Scientific and technological developments, diagnostic equipment, biocompatible materials, various techniques and types of brackets (ceramic, smart, lingual, invisible aligners) have allowed an evolution in orthodontics, which personalizes the treatment according to your needs, thus being more effective and reducing process time.

Orthodontics is a dental treatment that improves the position of the teeth and jaw bones, which may be misaligned due to genetic or environmental causes.

These alterations can cause health and aesthetic problems, such as crowding, bruxism, open or crossbite, among others.

There are different types of braces depending on the material, size, color and shape. Some are more discreet, others more resistant, and others more customizable. Orthodontics benefits chewing function, pronunciation, breathing and smiling.

Aligners - Invisible Orthodontics

This innovative treatment develops a series of transparent and removable aligners, corresponding to the stages of the movements that the teeth must perform.

They are made of resistant plastic materials (polycarbonate), and they are designed using high-tech software that allows to see the evolution and final result before starting the procedure.

Aligning your teeth without braces is possible and even better forgetting the discomfort or wounds in your mouth, customizing the mechanism to offer a perfect fit to the shape of the tooth and having the ease of being a completely removable orthodontics (remove it whenever you want to eat or drink).

Rates subject to prior analysis.

Ceramic Braces

These braces blend in with the natural enamel of the tooth, a benefit that makes them much more attractive for those who want their orthodontics not to be noticeable at first sight. The translucency and ceramic material prevent pigmentation or color change over time.

They are safe and comfortable for the patient, as they do not have sharp edges or points that cause the typical discomfort of wounds on the tongue, sores inside the mouth and lips, gum problems, etc.

Another point in favor is their usefulness for people who suffer from some allergy or rejection to metals such as nickel.

Installation: $2,200,000 COP

Controls: $170,000 COP

Lingual Braces

The great advantage of these braces is that, because of their location on the inner face of the tooth and under the tongue, they are 100% invisible, which makes them a new and alternative solution to the usual ones that are presented in the market.

They are custom-made, taking into account the size of the teeth, to achieve a precise fit. They are highly aesthetic from the application procedure to the expected final result, providing great support to have the best oral hygiene and not damage the dental enamel.

Installation: $2,000,000 COP (per jaw)

Controls: $250,000 COP

Ceramic Self-Ligating

An unparalleled fusion of two highly attractive technologies in orthodontics.

The use of ceramic material and the self-ligating technique represent complete success from an aesthetic point of view, reflecting on other aspects of comfort, resistance and durability. This group of qualities are effective when incorporating into the clip system that have the function of holding the arches of the bracket, instead of the traditional ligatures that may wear out.

Its translucent effect, plus the innovative and smooth surfaces resistant to stains, provide security and also personalized control, achieving results based on the preferences and unique needs of each patient.

Installation: $3,000,000 COP

Controls: $200,000 COP

Metal Self-Ligating

This technique provides guided displacements in the teeth using a mechanism incorporated by a front cap that holds the wire arch within the same bracket to allow free movements and thus, reduce friction (less resistance).

Given that they do not use elastic ligatures that can deteriorate with plaque, saliva, intraoral temperature changes; they are considered much more hygienic and efficient in closing spaces.

The reduction of time in the consultation is remarkable and controls could be done every 6 weeks.

Installation: $2,500,000 COP

Controls: $200,000 COP

Mini Braces

Smaller than conventional ones and equally efficient in terms of treatment results, these braces are the aesthetic solution that many seek for their low visibility, comfort in the treatment (patient-dentist) and easier oral hygiene.

They are a safe way to move the tooth with a sophisticated appearance, due to the lower height, without losing security.

Installation: $1,500,000 COP

Controls: $150,000 COP

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