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Before a Dental Whitening (teeth whitening)

To undergo a Dental Brightening (commonly referred to as teeth whitening), you should have resolved the condition of your teeth, as it would be the final phase of your treatment. This is why, during the assessment, we consider each specific case and provide you with the best options.


We have some recommendations for you to consider before undergoing it:

  • If you have cavities, you should treat them first.

  • Address fissures, cracks, or enamel loss.

  • Teeth hypersensitive to hot or cold foods.

  • Untreated gum problems.

  • Teeth with extensive restorations in visible areas.


It's important to consider each patient's condition because there are also stains caused by antibiotics like tetracycline that cannot be removed with dental bleaching, or cases of dental fillings or crowns, as they were originally made in a different color than what will be achieved with the procedure.

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