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How do you clean a hybrid denture?

Fixed or osseointegrated prostheses require a specific oral cleaning routine that the patient must diligently perform at home.

  • Conventional brushing should be done on the surface of the denture teeth to remove food residues or bacteria, using either a manual or electric brush with a mechanical motion, gently sweeping the area.

  • An additional or support cleaning method is most important for this type of prosthesis, as it allows for the removal of buildup underneath the denture. In this case, you should have oral tools that enable a more comprehensive cleaning process.

  • Oral irrigator: It is recommended to use those that generate a jet of water, as this can be introduced under the prosthetic space and help flush away food residues. Remember that dentures tend to accumulate plaque and calculus due to the difficulty of accessing them with interdental brushes.

  • Super-floss dental floss: It is essential for gently removing plaque residues that tend to form.

  • Interproximal brushes: We recommend single-tufted brushes that can be inserted under the denture between all its components and the gum, allowing for proper hygiene through short inward and outward mechanical movements.

It is very important to follow the specialist's recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your hybrid dentures. Remember that at Dr. |A® Dentistry, we have a team of specialists at your service who will accompany you at all times, providing the best solution for achieving a spectacular smile.

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