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Orthodontics has no age limit

Before, there was a concept that orthodontics was for teenagers, but nowadays, new techniques make it easier to achieve orthodontic goals, and our orthodontists at Dr. Alex Llanos | Aesthetic Dentistry Unit are trained in procedures with brackets that offer the best performance. They are transparent like glass, so aesthetically pleasing that they appear invisible, and extra-fast systems, all performed with professionalism and quality so that, in the end, the result is a spectacular smile.


Fixed Orthodontics

  • Metal Brackets: not very aesthetic, but with excellent results in a short time

  • Aesthetic Brackets: made of ceramic or sapphire, effective and hardly noticeable

  • Lingual Brackets: Effective and invisible because they are placed behind the teeth

Removable Orthodontics

  • Invisible Orthodontics: Very comfortable and aesthetic. It can be removed for eating. This orthodontic treatment allows for complete discretion without the bothersome wires, which is why it is highly recommended for all age groups.

At the time of the assessment, you can gather more information about the treatment that suits your needs, and you can have a beautiful smile regardless of your age!.

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