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Take care of your heart

For a few decades, studies have begun to reveal the connection between oral infections, such as cavities or periodontitis (gum inflammation), and heart diseases. According to the European Society of Cardiology, this close link is explained by the large number of bacteria that accumulate below the gumline and can enter the bloodstream, affecting other parts of the body while also increasing overall inflammation levels.

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One of the latest publications confirming the link between oral and cardiovascular health is the 'PARORKRANK' report from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. The research conducted for this study concludes that 28% of patients suffering from periodontitis increased their risk of experiencing a first myocardial infarction, even after controlling for variables such as diabetes and smoking.

As reported in the Harvard Health Publications study, various types of bacteria responsible for periodontitis have been found in arteries, the heart, and other locations. The plaque formed by these bacteria could be a cause of heart attacks.

Regular visits to the dentist, a healthy lifestyle that limits excessive sugar and tobacco consumption, and maintaining good oral hygiene are the best tools we have to prevent these bacteria from appearing and nesting in our mouths.

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