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Transform your smile on vacation

Are you looking for a dentist outside your country? We have a new smile for you. The quality of dental work in Colombia that places us among the best services in Latin America, the high costs of these services abroad, the rise in the dollar, and the ease of traveling to our country are some of the reasons why this is an ideal time to visit our country and renew your smile.

Dr.|A® Dentistry, considering the comfort of our foreign visitors, has formed several partnerships to offer comprehensive services during their treatment and stay in the country.

  1. Online Advisory Form: You can easily schedule an online consultation with Dr. Alex Llanos, one of the top smile designers in Colombia.

  2. Pre-procedure consultations

  3. Post-procedure check-ups

  4. Consultations and agreements for accommodation, with options for nearby tourist visits and transportation.

Today, there is no excuse not to smile. With Dr.|A® Dentistry, it's very easy to regain your smile. We invite you to plan in advance for the best way to have a new smile.

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