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What do your teeth say about you?

A smile can convey warmth, playfulness, or cleverness, but we know that the true meaning lies within.


  • The central incisors, when young, have rounded tips with a length of approximately 10 to 12mm, but as you age, they become more pointed and shorter, losing between 1 and 5mm.

  • The lateral incisors indicate your gender. If you are a woman, they are more rounded at the ends and slightly shorter than the central incisors. If you are a man, they are longer, nearly the same length as the central incisors, and also more square.

  • Canines reveal your personality. When they are sharp, pointed, and longer than the lateral incisors, it reflects a more aggressive or powerful personality. When they are passive, with less prominent rounded tips, you may be more easily influenced, especially if the canines are very small.

Remember to always maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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