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Maía - Cantante colombiana

Dental Tourism
in Colombia

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The best destination
for your dental treatment!

Maía - Cantante colombiana

Up to 73% less*
in the cost of treat
*Compared to average costs in other countries like the USA.

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Colombia is the ideal country for your dental treatment, as it offers an excellent balance of quality, price, and and tourist variety.


You´ll be able to access expert dentists with cutting-edge technology, while you're enjoying the beauty, culture and great diversity of a vibrant country.


Dr. Alex Llanos is located in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, which makes it even more convenient due to the facilities and comforts that this beautiful city offers.

We offer the global management and tourism services during your stay, so you can enjoy your treatment peaceful and comfortable.

Advice on trip planning, ticket purchase and returning home

during the stay

Accompaniment (does not include post-treatment care)

Lodging with special

Local tourism


National tourism

What are the advantages of dental tourism in Colombia
with Dr. Alex Llanos | Dental Aesthetics Unit?


Dr. Alex Llanos works in alliance with the PMT company and its VIP Traveler service to facilitate the travel logistics required for your treatment.

Fill out the travel preferences form to offer you a Dental Tourism experience in Colombia tailored to your needs.

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Turismo Dental Dr. Alex Llanos

Dr. Alex Llanos only acts as a connection between the VIP Traveler and the client.


We will study your answers and within 24 hours you will receive our proposal in your email.


You can contact us through our WhatsApp to resolve your doubts.

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