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An option in Orthodontics, the self-ligating system

If, after the assessment, our specialist determines that orthodontics is needed, we have a special option for the most complex cases.


At Dr.|A® Dentistry, we offer all our patients a state-of-the-art treatment, the INNOVATION CCO SYSTEM, which includes a line of self-ligating brackets (DENSPLAY GAC). These brackets feature a gate that holds the special thermal steel wire. They do not require elastic bands, and the gate maintains constant interaction with the wire. Thanks to this connection, dental movement occurs faster, resulting in shorter, more comfortable treatments with less discomfort.

For those seeking greater aesthetics, we offer CCO SYSTEM CLEAR options made from ceramic, which enhance aesthetics without compromising the benefits of self-ligation.

There are no more excuses for not showing a beautiful and natural smile. At Dr.|A® Dentistry, we have a team of specialists who will analyze each case and provide the best solution to restore your smile.

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