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Hybrid Dentures in the Case of Total Tooth Loss

Dental implants are the best option when a single tooth is lost; they serve as an artificial root to support a crown. However, in cases of complete tooth loss, whether in the upper, lower, or both jaws, the most recommended approach is to rehabilitate the entire area through the use of hybrid dentures.


What are they?

They are complete dentures anchored to osseointegrated implants, which, through a screw-retained system, allow the patient to regain the functionality of their mouth, restore their quality of life, and have a natural smile without fear of the prosthesis moving or falling. This type of prosthesis is an excellent option as it is a safe, comfortable, and aesthetic rehabilitation treatment that gives the patient the sensation of having their own teeth again.

When is it recommended?

In patients who have lost all their teeth and have mild to moderate bone loss, or in those who, even though they have some teeth, medical prognosis indicates that they will likely be lost in the near future.

What is the difference compared to removable dentures?

  1. The hybrid denture is FIXED as it is screwed onto the implants, making the patient feel like they are their own teeth.

  2. Aesthetically, it is an excellent solution as it replaces both teeth and gums, resulting in a flawless visual outcome.

  3. Ease of maintenance. Since the specialist can remove it for necessary repairs and changes if needed.

  4. It requires greater attention to HYGIENE; in the case of the hybrid denture, greater care in cleaning and washing is necessary.

At Dr. |A® Clinic, our patients have the support of 2 specialists for this process: an implantologist and an oral rehabilitator, who will guide them throughout the entire process.

We also have CAD-CAM technology, which is the best for developing fixed prostheses, as well as Diode laser and Erbium Chromium laser (ErCr: YSGG), which complement the process perfectly, effectively reducing the adaptation and recovery time.

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