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Innovating in technology for 8 years

As part of Dr.|A® Dentistry's vision and mission, we have always sought technology that streamlines processes, provides satisfaction in the results to our patients, and simultaneously offers the best quality. That's why over these 8 years, we have transitioned to new technologies that allow us to achieve this, and here are some of them:


  1. CAD|CAM: Initially, we did not have our own laboratory. However, upon realizing that there were delays in delivery times and that we had patients from abroad or other cities who had limited time to get their crowns, we decided to establish our own laboratory. We can create inlays, which are fragments or parts of a tooth, as well as fillings, from the smallest to the most complex, complete crowns, fixed bridges for multiple teeth, implant crowns, structures to be cast in metal, and we can also design surgical guides for implant positioning. Lately, we have been working on taking impressions of the jaws to create invisible orthodontics with aligners or clear plates without brackets.

  2. Dental Laser: When performing gingivoplasty (gum design) and some soft tissue surgeries using traditional methods, there was more bleeding and pain for patients. With dental laser technology, we can perform these procedures with minimal bleeding, almost no pain, and it can also be used for cavity removal, dental whitening, oral surgery, periodontal therapy to eliminate infection from microorganisms around the tooth, and we can perform the second surgical phase or implant uncovering in the mouth without the need for anesthesia and minimizing bleeding, among other uses.

  3. Painless Anesthesia: Initially, we administered anesthesia through injections, which caused anxiety and discomfort for some patients. Now, we have The Wand, which allows for a painless process with less post-procedure numbness. We also offer conscious sedation for highly nervous patients, which is closely monitored and administered by a specialist.

  4. Dentsply Sirona Unit: Treatment units have become one of the most important elements in the dental office, as they facilitate the efficient and effective delivery of various treatments. Eight years ago, our units did not have these benefits, but this unit now offers them.

If you want to learn more about our treatments, you can contact us through the contact link on our website or at our phone number: +57+1 637866.

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