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White teeth with laser?

Dental whitening (teeth whitening) with laser is fast and highly effective for achieving white teeth, and its results can be seen almost from the same day it is performed.

How does it work?

Heat is used to activate the peroxide gel applied to the teeth. The laser activates the bleaching gel, which absorbs the energy from the light and releases free radicals that penetrate through the dental enamel and reach the pigmented molecules of the teeth responsible for stains or yellowish color. This process breaks down these molecules through redox reactions, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.

Teeth whitening is immediately visible after the first laser session, and in the following days, the aesthetics of the smile continue to improve.

Types of lasers

  1. Diode Lasers: These are the most commonly used for teeth whitening because they effectively whiten stained or yellowed teeth and allow for better penetration of the whitening substance into dental tissues.

  2. Argon Laser: It emits high-energy photons capable of activating the hydrogen peroxide applied to the dental surface. There is no temperature increase during whitening with an argon laser.

  3. CO2 Laser: Unlike the argon laser, the CO2 laser raises the temperature. The thermal increase created can cause pulp irritation (the inner part of the tooth), which can lead to pulpitis.

In our clinic, we have a diode laser, which provides excellent results for our patients. We also have a team of dentists at Dr.|A® Dentistry who are always attentive to the processes we perform with the best quality and service. If you wish to undergo laser teeth whitening, you can schedule an appointment.

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