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Interview with the actor and singer Camilo Trujillo

A new acting challenge has arrived in Camilo Trujillo's artistic career in 'El Estilista,' the new production by RCN.

Pablo Ávila, a young university student, will have to experience what many Colombians have suffered due to the war in our country: the pain of his father's kidnapping, a real-life situation that will be reflected in the new production of RCN Channel, 'El Estilista.'

Camilo Trujillo was called by Vista Productions Inc. to audition, and after many tests, he was selected for his talent and extensive experience that accompany the young actor.

Camilo Trujillo

Camilo Trujillo

For Trujillo, the greatest pain for a family member who has a relative kidnapped is the uncertainty of knowing if they are alive, how they are, if they are enduring hunger and cold, thinking that every phone call brings either good or bad news about their loved one. This story, based on real events, led Camilo to experience what many Colombians are suffering from in our country today.

This production represents a significant acting challenge for the actor and a blessing to have shared scenes with great actors like Sebastián Boscán and Adriana Arango, who play the roles of Pablo Ávila's parents, the character we will see every night on RCN Channel.

Camilo invites all of Dr. Alex Llanos' patients not to miss this story starting from Monday at 9:00 p.m. on RCN.

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