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Oscar Borda visits our clinic

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The renowned theater, film, and television actor Oscar Borda visited Dr. Alex Llanos Aesthetic Dentistry Unit, continuing with his dental check-up. During his visit, he shared his perspective on smiles.

He ensures to smile every day, saying that those who smile are happy, 'no one laughs out of sadness.' Oscar Borda tells us about the importance of injecting smiles into life every day, the multiple benefits that a smile brings to the body, such as stimulating facial muscles and providing us with a better quality of life.

There was also time to learn about his latest theater production, which has already had full houses in different cities in the country and in the United States. This new display of great talent and professionalism shows us an impactful and supremely social role.

Oscar Borda immersed in the character of Sofia, a bipolar transvestite, who provides us with a rich moment of art, with many lessons and professionalism. His play will be presented on the upcoming Friday, August 30th, and Saturday, August 31st, at the theater of the Agustiniano Salitre School in the evening.

Oscar Borda also spoke to us about the profession in which he excels with remarkable ease and in which he has made a mark in multiple productions with characters beloved by the audience, such as 'Tato' in the series 'El Capo,' for which the final season is already in production. 'The actor's profession should be seen and valued as such,' he assured us after sharing his views on television contests like 'Protagonistas de Telenovela,' where, according to him, the training and dedication as actors should be evaluated with much more responsibility to give this important profession the recognition it deserves.

The team at Dr. Alex Llanos Aesthetic Dentistry Unit wishes the best to this great human being, who with each visit always leaves us with a big smile and good memories.

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