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My life is soccer

At his dental appointment at Dr. Alex Llanos' aesthetic dentistry unit, former Independiente Santa Fe player Gerardo Bedoya talked to us about his professional future and projects, including his preparation to become a coach. For him, his life is soccer, and he doesn't see himself far from the sports world, as it has given him thousands of smiles throughout his football career.

Gerardo Bedoya

Gerardo Bedoya

This great human being, who surpassed the world record for ejections in his sports career and was considered by some as one of the most aggressive players, is put offside by the love for his daughter. He greatly enjoys spending time with her at the movies or at a good restaurant.

For Gerardo, a smile is very important, which is why it's the first thing that catches his attention when he meets someone. To him, smiling is synonymous with joy, and there's nothing better than everyone being able to laugh with a beautiful smile. That's why he believes it's crucial to choose who to trust with your teeth, and selecting a good dentist is essential to make dental visits exciting.

For this reason, he recommends Dr. Alex Llanos' aesthetic dentistry unit to his friends, as he did with Jefferson Cuero, who had an accident with his teeth. Gerardo feels comfortable and enjoys every visit to the dentist because the results and the attention from Dr. Alex Llanos' team motivate him to continue taking care of his great smile every day and to convey the joy that life has given him, which is soccer.

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