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Jefferson Cuero with a new smile

The first time Jefferson Cuero visited Dr. Alex Llanos Aesthetic Dentistry Unit was due to the loss of his tooth during a crucial match in the Copa Libertadores against Real Garcilaso, where they won 3-1.

After receiving various calls to address his smile, it was thanks to Gerardo Bedoya and his experience at our clinic that motivated Jefferson to make the decision to entrust his teeth to Dr. Alex Llanos.

For Jefferson, a smile is very important as he associates it with joy and happiness. He expressed the same happiness when he played his first professional match, the first time he wore the Independiente Santa Fe jersey, and with the arrival of his child into his family circle.

Jefferson wants to give reasons to smile to the fans of his club, which is why among his closest goals are becoming champions of the Colombian tournament, bringing the eighth star to Independiente Santa Fe. He also hopes to one day play in Europe, as he believes this would make him very happy, as it is one of his big dreams.

The team at Dr. Alex Llanos' Aesthetic Dentistry Unit will continue to support this extraordinary Colombian player so that in his moments of happiness, he always has a big smile that reflects not only on the field but also in his overall life.

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