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Jose Sedek tells us a bit about his life.

Tell us a little about your life

I think I would have to tell you many things to tell you a little about my life. To tell you a little about me, I would have to say that more than being an actor, writer, model, or anything else, I believe that none of those defines me. I believe that what really defines me is who I am essentially... I am someone who values family, I am passionate about life, I am a hardworking person, very self-confident, and I have a strong desire to make this world a little better through my profession.

Jose Sedek

Jose Sedek

You were born in Venezuela, then moved to Italy, and how long ago did you arrive in Colombia? And why did you come to Colombia?

I had come to Colombia before moving here, and I fell in love with many things— the poetry of this country, the food, which I find very delicious... It has beautiful women, wonderful weather, and I came here with my girlfriend from that time, and here I am; I've been living here happily for four years now.

What are your weapons to seduce a woman?

My weapons to seduce a woman... confidence, self-assurance, knowing that she should feel comfortable and like herself, like a woman, like a princess. I also believe in transparency, being oneself without trying to put on a facade to please someone, but rather being as transparent as possible.

We know you enjoy making short films and movies, and you also write. But which film has had a significant impact on your life and why?

It's a question I've asked myself before because I believe that every movie marks a period in my life. There are spiritual movies that have had a significant impact on me, like AVATAR, for example. It's a movie that marks my awareness of how we neglect our planet. But, for example, there's a movie that won the Oscar for Best Picture called BIRDMAN, which I consider a masterful film and one that has had an impact on my life, especially in my artistic life as an actor, because the script is directed towards that. I believe there are many very good movies, great geniuses of cinema who have created excellent works that I'm a spectator of... I don't have just one that I can say, 'That's it!' I have several.

Well, and finally, a motivation to keep pursuing your dreams?

What a great question. In fact, I'm going to take this question home with me, and I'll answer that my current motivation is the fact that there are so many things left to be fulfilled, and the fact that my mother, thank God, is still alive and has the joy of seeing them realized. I think those are a couple of very important motivations. But the question I'm taking home with me is, what motivates me to keep fighting for my dreams in the future? When I have that answer, I'll share it with you.

On behalf of Dr. Alex Llanos' Clinic, the Aesthetic Dentistry Unit, we sincerely thank you for being with us.

I want to send greetings primarily to Dr. Llanos, but also to his team, who are surrounded by beautiful ladies, to all the doctors, and well, see you very soon. Sending you a kiss, a hug, and many thanks for your kind attention.

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